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School Gyms

Attention Coaches, Players and Parents,

CBA is allowed to use the various school gyms for supervised practices and games only. If you see on the website that a particular team's practice is canceled (or games), DO NOT assume that the gym is available for use. There may be another function going on or another team may have previously requested the spot. Even if a gym is "open", players ARE NOT to use the gym unaccompanied. Only supervised practices or games, that have been approved by the league will have gym access. We run the risk of losing access to these gyms altogether if players just show up assuming they can use them.

Coaches, if you receive word that there is an open practice spot and you would like to use it for an extra practice, please contact Jason Martin for approval. Only by a coach receiving approval can any team/players gain access to a gym. If coaches cancel practices, players are not allowed to use the gym unsupervised.

The gyms are the property of the schools and the school department and we do not have free and open access. Please remember to respect the gyms, clean up after yourselves, put chairs away, etc. We are all responsible leaving the schools as we find them.. any less and we risk losing out access as a league. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation.

by posted 11/25/2014
Fundraising Calendars

Attention Coaches, Players and Parents,

As the season is now in full swing, the weeks will start flying by! We are quickly approaching the due date for the calendar raffles. The return stubs and money need to be returned by the weekend of November 22nd and 23rd. You can hand them in to me directly or anytime that Karin has the concession/merchandise table set up. Drawings start on December 1st and at that time we will also be drawing the winning players who sold all (or more!) of their calendars! So make sure you get everything turned in on time!

Any questions about any of this please feel free to contact me... 447-1816 

by posted 11/14/2014
6th Grade All Star Team


Thank you to all the kids who tried out. I saw some extremely good hustle and effort put into the tryouts. I Congratulate all the kids who made the team this time around. I look forward to coaching all of you in the future.

The following have made the 6th grade boys first team-

Bennett Paglia

Harry Lacombe

Jeff Rosa

Will Turner

Dan Collette

Nolan Morelli

Brady McNamarra

Zane Fratterelli

Max Marino

Tyler Patrick

Noah Dogan

Congrats to you all that made the team, Look forward to a great season. Again thank you all for trying out. There were a extremely good amount of kids who tried out and they all should be proud of themselves for all there effort put in over the years!!!


Coach Dave Mruk

Coach Chris Anderson

by posted 11/04/2014
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School Gyms
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