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Today three of CBA's Board Members stepped down from their roles. Here is a bit about each of them and their time spent with the league.



Nearly 30 years ago, in 1994, his CBA career began as a coach. Since then, Jay Martin has served as Treasurer and Vice President of the board before stepping into his current role as President in 2002. Officially stepping down from this position, Jay leaves the CBA (in an official presidential capacity) after 20 plus years. He has coached every division both rec and travel, brought the league up to date with the creation of the first CBA website, and also formulated the Legends conference; which has been referred to as the best adult league in the state. He dedicated his time to this league which, in turn, has brought him great joy (as well as many headaches) and lasting friendships. 

“My greatest achievement has been watching players grow up in our league and then have them bring their children into the league. I have people coaching now that I used to coach when they were young!”

 Thank you, Jay. This league is better for having you for so many years. CBA and its members are grateful for your dedication and effort making this league what it is today. You have made an impact on hundreds of people over the years and you will always be referred to as one of the most influential members to have been a part of this league. 


In 2008 he jumped on as an assistant coach, and that was Matt Martin’s introduction to CBA (you’re welcome). From there, he began coaching a team of his own and then stepped into the Conference Rep role. In 2013 he became league Vice President, the position he has held for the last 10 years. Matt has coached every age group from instructional to continental, both boys and girls. Matt worked tirelessly obtaining league sponsorships and putting together the calendar raffle each season (nobody envy’s those two tasks!) I also like to say that Matt has been the “voice of reason” because of his ability to see situations from all sides which has helped the board make decisions that serve the league best.  

“For me, this league has been all about connections. I’ve met and connected with some of the most amazing people who will be in my life forever. And, I’m not going anywhere….. I plan to keep coaching as long as there’s a place for me!”

Thank you, Matt, for 15 years of dedication to CBA. You have been an integral part of this league in so many ways and your impact is felt. To say the league has benefited from you being here is an understatement. 


Karin Sacchetti was introduced to CBA when her oldest son began playing in 2004. Since then she has worn many hats, her first official order of business was ordering uniforms, and from there, she started merchandise / concessions. (This meant lots of BJ’s runs and a garage always full of it all!) Karin then became Board Secretary and also took on equipment ordering/distribution. From there, she became the Board Treasurer, where she worked tirelessly to get the league from financially unstable to good standing. Karin didn’t stop there, she then decided to take on the role of Allstar Coordinator for a season and has continued to assist with Allstars since.  

Thank you Karin, for your efforts making this league function. You gave everyone the opportunity to represent the league with merchandise, dressed our teams in proper uniforms, and kept everyone fed/hydrated for many years. 

“And through all of this a team was formed - TEAM CBA! We are a well oiled machine, we just get it done. Team CBA is a game changer and there will be no other like it” 


Your efforts behind the scenes can never truly be understood. Hours of pre-season work, late night phone calls, texts, and emails being answered. Conflicts to resolve taking precedence over “real jobs”, and giving up personal time to ensure the league is attended to……there is no way to express how much was put into this league by these members year after year. Most don’t even think about the little things like how you’ve helped those who struggle to pay registration, honoring players who’ve passed, and supporting CBA families who are facing hard times. And all because you love it so much. You’ve all impacted countless people through this league.  


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