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by posted 2/13/2020


If you did not receive trophies last Saturday at your game please email Sam (smcornell22@gmail.com) with your team name and number of players so that we can have them ready for you this Saturday. 



by posted 2/7/2020



This Saturday (2/8) we will have instructional trophies at the concession stand, which will be set up at Washington Oak during games. You need to pick them up for your team and then decide when you would like to give them to your players. Some coaches choose to give them out at the final practice, some the final game, or pizza party, it's up to you. If you are going to have a pizza party for your team, CBA will reimburse you up to $75. Save your receipt and text a picture of it, along with your name and address, division, and team name, to Karin at 401-837-4130.